It's Fung.

Hello! I'm Fung.

Bergkamp Ho is my network ID.
I'm a Web Developer with 10+ years of experience in marketing and advertising industry.
Nice to meet you.

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Front-end development

I'm fluent with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I love mobile. I make website responsive to any type of device or any screen size.

I can build HTML prototype based on raw images, implement effects with pure CSS3 or jQuery for complex animation.

P.S. Recently I've been learning mobile app development. I'm open to join any start-up project for free to get experience.

Back-end development

I'm a open source lover and experienced with Linux Apache MySQL PHP environment.

I'm able to implement websites with custom business logic such as Content Management System or shopping cart with payment gateway integration.

3rd-party integration

I'm also familiar with integration of famous social platform like Facebook, Twitter and WeChat. Making use of the social platform plugins or APIs to increase visitor engagement.

As well, I can implement tracking to the website in order to analyse visitor behaviors.

Recent projects

Pampers Songify Campaign

Pampers Songify Campaign Site

#responsive #angularjs #tweenmax

viction:ary Online Store

#woocommerce #css #wordpress
IPC++ Foodlab

IPC++ Foodlab CMS

#responsive #wordpress
Hanbo Enterprises Limited

Hanbo Enterprises Limited Website

#wordpress #bootstrap

I'm Available for Full-time or Freelance Work

Please send me email at You can also view my LinkedIn profile.